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Do The Bunk is a short fun and goofy indie game where you must collect items and not get caught in the process.   

Story (Simplified):

Your mate was kidnapped and you were given a choice if you wish to see her again.  What will you do?  


  • Poly environment
  • Interactive objects
  • Collect items
  • Hiding mechanics
  • Fun 


  • Use headphones 

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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Good video and thx for playing .

Sorry it took so long bud 

I just warched your game play and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Thank you for playing :) 


I've played this game and its Excellent!! 

Here is my gameplay

Also Here is some suggestion for you :-)

1. Add " difficulty" for new players such as Easy,Normal, Hard

2.Add some glowing effect on items.

3. Graphics Quality is  Good. there is some bugs so  fix that!

Good Luck

Thank you for playing and i'm glad you liked the game.  I have read your suggestion and I will be implementing a difficulty level as you suggested as well as making items glow to make them easier to see in a future patch.    Also, the candle on the ground at the starting point can be picked up and will act as your light sources.  :)

In Patch v1.1.3b you now have 3 lives and all items now have a glow effect.

okey..I will play the new one❤❤❤ thanks for quick fix

I don't have PayPal.

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PayPal gives you an option to pay with credit or debit card as well and you don't need to login to PayPal :) .