The House By The Lake (DEMO v0.1f)

The House By The Lake (DEMO v0.1f)

The full game release should be coming out soon.  There is no specific date as of now but this short demo should set the mood.

 What's new?


  • A news spook that was intended for the full release is now added to the demo.  I will not go in details but it has something to do with a picture frame.  If you played previous version of the game then you may catch it.

Bug Fix:

  • A new player script was created from scratch for this version because a small amount of players playing would randomly get locked and prevented them from continue in random section of the game.  This issue is not a widespread but the new player script should fix it.  With that said, If the issue still persist please contact so further troubleshooting can be done.


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Feb 06, 2021

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