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This game is intended to be played by a mature audience.  It contains sudden surprises in forms of jump scares, loud noises, blood and gore.  


In 1991 a young Floridian couple goes missing while hiking.  After weeks of intense searching an individual living near the hikers missing area was the only suspect.  The individual was interrogated, and his home searched but no clues to the disappearance of the hikers were found by the investigators, so he was released.  Until this day no further information is known of the missing hikers.


  • Creepy environment
  • Erie atmosphere 
  • Interactive objects
  • Multiple endings 


  • Use headphones 
  • Play in the dark

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Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(89 total ratings)
AuthorShatter Glass Games
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Crime, First-Person, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Spooky, Unity


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Loved it!

Thank you for playing :)



Glad you liked it :)

she a baddie tho 

Thanks for playing

It's embarrassing how long it took me to find the salt...I liked the game though.

LOL thank you

I'm getting hungry

gracias for playing :)

Though I do have a few gripes about small details, this game is definetly not to be overlooked. Its been quite a while since ive played a horror game thats genuinly made my blood go cold.

thx for playing

ta muy lag el juego

:( tratalo en Low settings.

Cool game. No cheap ass jumpscares all the time and great atmosphere.

thank you :)

Gostei bastante. Levei uns sustos leves. 

Versão terror do Masterchef! jogo muito bom!

I loved it! It was a short, simple and scary little game! I got the B Ending, and it was the first game I played in this video! :D

Excelente juego, excelentes sustos!

I really enjoyed the game! It has a good atmosphere and I particularly love that vhs/pixel style.

Gameplay PT-BR

Are there more than two endings? Fun

I enjoyed this very simple and straight forward game. The jump scare was unique and i quite enjoyed the time. I look forward to your future work.

I really liked this. It was very bizarre and I loved the fact that there were different endings.

Florida Man is hungry and wants MEAT! LOL! Great and creepy little game...I enjoyed this alot. Jumpscares got me and I would up playing through both endings. Please check my gameplay out of it and consider subbing if you enjoy it! Thanks for watching!

I played for about 2 minutes!! My honest opinion is I liked the layout of everything in realistic places inside house. I hated the cheesy blocky graphics, especially from Unity Engine being so much more capable in rendering! This game seemed to b seriously lacking in quality.

Played this at 9:01. What a fun game! Loved the graphics style, the jumpscare made me sh*t myself as you'll see when you watch, and the story was a good one. Good job!

Check out my video :)

Die Story und Aufmachung ist wirklich toll gemacht. Das ganze Spiel über hat man eine schaurige Atmosphäre. SUPER!

Well made game! pretty scary and well designed! I really liked that ending :) well done!

Just uploaded this game on my channel. It was so good!! Wasn’t expecting either ending. It was really creepy. It took me to long to find all the veggies for the food but that’s my own dumbness… haha! I highly recommend it! Here’s my video if you’re interested. (I posted the links to the game and your page in my description) 

NICELY DONE! The audio for the game cut out for my recording, but didn't take away from the game. :) 

really cool game very creepy and fun!

Cool game here's a speedrun

Loved it, got ending B on my playthrough. Had some lag issues but nothing a little resolution tweaking couldnt fix. Left a follow and keep up the amazing work! your game is second in the vid.

wow wow what a wonder short horror game! both endings are equally screwed up and insane! and the jumpscares really got me! I had a blast playing and I can't wait to try more games like this in the future! heres my blind reaction to the game! this game starts at 5:35!! 

a really fun game... but poor marge, she didnt quite make it to dinner... but this is just like all my video in that is a pro edited reaction compilation and is only about 4 minutes long so consider checking it out and maybe subscribing. love yall!!

Nice horror game! The sudden dark turn pretty much shocked me and the jumpscares got me every time. Great job :D


The pure innocence of making a home-cooked meal hahaha has been flipped right on its head! I actually enjoyed myself very much while playing the game. I love how everything ties in together as you make your way from point A to point B. you're not left wandering aimlessly around. But I guess this goes to show the extent some will go to survive! (insert evil laugh)

Great Work!

So Tender :) Liked it. Played now here.

A charming game with great visuals, cozy place and delicious cooking.

Comments below clip;

Choices, choices, choices. One thing's for sure; I will survive, no matter what. Even though I'm a vegetarian, I tell people [when it comes down to survival], I will kill and eat them. First they all laugh, until they realize I'm deadly serious. Although it would be honorable to snuff yourself out [as a monster], having found a friend that hanged himself, the sight's so ugly, I passed on doing so in this game. 

The stew was yummy though...

The Game Matches The Name 'TENDER' Love It!

I had a fun scary time playing the game. I was extremely shocked when I finally realized what was happening in the game and also when I opened the fridge. One thing I thought was done really well was the sound effects when the ghost appeared and disappeared.

guy below smells bad, cool game i guess

really enjoyed this, didnt expect the dark turn but enjoyed it, and i liked the fact that you had the multiple endings, always adds layers to a game, great game overall, gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to subscribe!

loved the game i did both endingings loved both as a short horror concept really did keep up the amazing work if you like to watch my gameplay the game starts at 5:00

Love stew. Me and all my homies love stew.

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