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Hey great game! No complaints! 

I played through the game and actually recorded it for my channel. Although quite short, it is actually quite intense. I had a lot of fun playing through it and the scares got me a few times throughout. The story implications are incredibly interesting. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, thank you!

Holy... I thought this is not scary as I think, but I just screaming lol

Here's my video (Sorry no English version)


Really cool game! My PC had a little trouble running it on some parts, but I was able to complete it with no issues. I made a video for my channel about it: 

nothing says lovin’ like a body in the oven! This was a cool game, really enjoyed it!

Got both endings in my playthrough, feel free to check it out

Enjoyed the overall aesthetic of the game, but that's all. A complete letdown, the first scare was really disappointing and felt cheap. I also didn't enjoy the eye-catching easter egg references, like the colourful to a certain YouTuber, it pulled the cord for me - a huge no no when aiming to build environment

I loved playing this game for my YouTube channel!!


I had the pleasure of reviewing your game. Lots of Feedback in the video

I still never figured out what the green balls were.

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Really really enjoyed this one. Fantasitc atmosphere and really creepy reveal.

I played this in my video (starts at 10:34)


Hello! Shatter Glass Games Would You like To Do A Crossover???? With Our Game Ball Coin Or Freebie Fighter

If Yes Email Or Reply

This game has real potential! I played through and did both A and B ending on my channel so if you'd like to watch or even just to check it out here it is! Thanks for the great game!

This game was really, really good! A nice short and suitably creepy experience! 

I guessed what was going on before the story ended, but it was still fun and super creepy to make my way through. So much so that I got both endings.

One slight issue I had was the game didn't seem to run too smoothly for me, but obviously I don't know if that was an issue at my end, and other users might not have that issue!

But keep up the great work!

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested (time stamps in the description);

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Hope this game gets more attention, here is my video on the game. P.S. Are there more than two endings cause that's all I could find

Hi,love this game.  This is my gameplay in Spanish.

I hope you enjoy it and share it so that more Spanish people can see it.

It great that you brought this game to a Spanish audience!

thx for half an hour of great fun! my only issue is that the frame drops were kinda jarring

I loved this game. Good graphics and jump scares. I'll definitely be back for any other games by you :)

Thx and stay tune because I will be releasing another story soon.

I enjoyed it a lot! I'll be looking out for more games from you in the horizon. 

thx you for playing and very good video :)

Thanks for the fun! Did not know yall were such Kravin fans ;D

Glad you liked it and yes i'm a big fan of Mr.Kravin :)
With that said, keep up the good work!

Super fun and ominous game that keeps its true motives behind a door until you get to the end (literally.) Was really fun to play and love how you have taken a simple approach to deliver a larger effect and make the game shine even more. The two jumpscares were pretty good, and the graphics enhanced the ambience of the game.

Really fun to play, and good luck on future projects!

Great video!!! thank you for trying out my game and I'm glad you liked it.  Stay tuned because more is coming.   

I actually liked this experience!
It was a cool, short horror game with amazing graphics, I love that graphic style. The evironment is also really good and cozy. I like the simple tasks you had to do and I absolutely loved the two jumpscares, especially the first one! Really really good!
I only got to find ending B but couldn't figure out ending A, it was really good regardless!
Thank you!

Thank you for playing and for the review :)  

This was a pretty good game! I enjoyed the gameplay except I had framerate issues later on in the experience! Other than that, great job! 

Check out my video :)

Very nice video amigo. Keep up the great work.

SKIP TO 5:08!!!

Great video and thx for playing :)

Thank you so much for making this game! It was a nice experience, I really liked the feels to it, very smooth to the eyes and the teddy bear was a nice touch. I would like to say that it would be awesome to add a little jumpscare "surprise" in the bathroom area, just for those who explored a little and maybe add another "ghost" to the game, but overall it was great. I got both endings in my gameplay.

I enjoyed watching your video.  Thank you for feedback and keep up the good work.  Also, stay tuned because Teddy will be making a comeback :)

Yay for teddy! Oh I´m looking forward to play more of your games :D

And I also forgot to mention the MrKravin easter egg, that was also nice.

It's been a while since I last played horror, this was a good step back into it :) 

Welcome back amigo!  Great video and I'm glad you like my new short game :)

Pretty scary, the jump scares got me. It was troubling for me to find the carrots, which was anti-climactic, also poor optimization. Other than that, great short game!

Thx for playing and for the feedback :)

I had some recording issues before but the new update fixed that so I just had to play it again. Great game. I had fun making fun of who I called, "Mary". 

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Lol, I think Mary was pist at you cuz you gave her a bad manicure. 


Honestly, understandable. I never gave good manicures or massages. It's complicated with her.  



The first jumpscare ALMOST got me! Good game tho! I love the pixelated style!

Hehe, I will get you next time. Great video!!!

I hope you will! Im waiting for it! 

Nice little cooking sim with a twist and boy, did that twist get me good! 

The video was very good.  Keep up the good work.

This game's pretty cool. It might seem like I didn't enjoy it because my reaction was a little weird, but I liked it by the end. I think the carrot put me in a bad mood because I had trouble finding it for a few minutes, haha


Nice video and I really liked your Jason mask.  Keep up the good work.

My favourite cooking simulator of the year. Remember, only evil people cook with cauldrons 

The format (length etc.) is perfect for this kind of story, the lead-in was great and set my expectations up to be knocked down!


I watched your video and was great!  Thx for the feedback and keep up the good work.

I want more!! The idea sounds awesome maybe have a hunting for more flesh segement.

PLAYTHROUGH starts at 14:27.


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Glad you liked it, thx for playing and you bet more is coming :)

There’s so much I like about Tender; my only complaint is that I want more. The game starts off innocently enough, but before long, the game’s scary premise takes shape. I love the low poly style and choice of color, and the atmospheric audio brings the world to life. It’s nice to see multiple endings in this style of game. Tender is highly recommended from this guy! 

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Hey there.   Liked your video a lot and I'm glad you liked my game.  I'm currently working on another creepy story so stay tuned :)

Actually pretty creepy. The sound when the lady shows up was jarring and scared the crap out of me! First game in the video!

Very nice video my friend.  In regards the issue you were having with the lights, I think this was the result of running the game at Low or Very Low quality settings (You can change the quality and resolution settings in the options menu).  

This game really shows how much of a scardy cat i am... but i still loved it thoguh

Glad you liked my little game :)  Great video!

okay this game is really fun to play. glad it has multiple endings. im proud of your work!

Very cool and funny video amigo.  Keep up the good work!

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Pros and cons are down below) Check out my video here:

Btw I played before the update, so I am sorry if I will talk about issues which are already fixed!


1. I love how the story was unraveled. At first you are waiting for the killer to come and then everything changes... It is a bit trivial but still very good.

2. I love the environment. It is pretty detailed and interesting to investigate. You definitely get the feel of remote hut in the woods full of dangers.

3. I am so glad you added different endings in the game. It makes the experience so much more interesting!


1. It would be very cool if endings had a name and a bit of the story. Something like "Ending A" is a bit disappointing, honestly. It would be cool if there was something more to them like epilogue telling you of the consequences of your choice. It may even be just a couple of sentences.

2. I didn't like the mechanic of replacing items in you hand. It would be nicer if you could just drop objects. Don't get me wrong, this mechanic works and is nice but personally for me it feels weird.

3. It would be cool if objectives would specify where the player is supposed to look for carrots. Something like "I need to add a carrot from the garden outside" would do. 


I enjoyed that a lot! I can't wait for your next projects. I hope that my bit of critics will help you develop the game a bit! Still, I think it deserves 5/5 as is. I liked that a lot!

Hope my feedback was useful!


Great video and thank you for the feedback.  You can beleave it when I say that I'll take them at heart for future tittles. In regards the pickup mechanics, you can drop items by pressing "Q" :)

Thank you for the reply!)

Love the style of this game and The Mine! I would like to see more games from you! I made a video on it for my channel check out the hilarious gameplay and my review here! :)

Very cool video and much thanks for the feedback. Keep up the great job and stay tune because more creepy stories will be coming soon!

Thank you so much! You too! Can’t wait for more stories I am definitely excited 

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