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The menu music had no right to slap that hard

Lol.  Thx for playing

I had some problems with it freezing the first couple of times I tried to play it but I eventually was able to get all of the way through it and I enjoyed it. I liked how it gradually moved up into bigger and better scares as time went on and you did a good job of making clear what to do and where do go which is where a lot of other games fall short. Good job :). 

Thx for playing.  I see you got both endings :)

Had a great time playing The House By The Lake SGG! The little things, like having the coffee pot slowly filling up instead of just going from empty to full. Great work SGG! The only issue that I have with the game is having an indicator for having the killer running outside. It took a bit of wondering around the house for me to get the cue for him to run by the window. Really enjoyed this as well as Tender! I can't wait for the release of the full game and to see what you make next!


Great video. Has many lol moments.

Played one of the older demos (Old recording), now I'm curious with all the tons of updates that have happened after my LP

Thank you for trying the demo :)

Really enjoyed playing this game! Love the style and the concept! I checked out both endings, but I still couldn't figure out what had really happened. Really looking forward to how deep this storyline goes in the full version!


Thank you for trying the demo :)

Just let me drink my coffee! Definitely got me with the spook at the end there! Look forward to the full release! 

Thank you for playing :)  

No problem!

Veja a gameplay do jogo de terror indie de 2021 THE HOUSE BY THE LAKE onde voce deve tentar dormir me meio a uma tempestade forte e trovóes e realizar tarefas como fazer um café, misturar leite e se preparar para os sustos.

Thx for playing and great video :)

I REALLY enjoyed this game! The jump scares got me good! Somehow, I managed to break the game during my first play through and had to start over, but even then I enjoyed myself. Looking forward to the full version and thanks for making an awesome game!

Haha, loved the video.  Thx for playing

Really enjoyed it!! Will definitionally play it when the full is out!

Nice video amigo and thank you for playing the THBTL demo.

I really liked it and can't wait for more!!

I just released a new version of the demo tackles a game breaking bug for a small minority of players.  I also include one of the new spooks that was intended for the full release. You may catch it if you replay it again.


Thanks I will do that!

What music did you use for the menu screen? I am trying to find similar music for my outtro and I really liked your menu music, can I use it more?

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Thx for playing :)

hey whats up familia my names isak i recently plagued your game. the story was interesting the game was really fun, but i ran into a issue that prevented me from finishing the game. nonetheless the game was really good keep up the good work! also the game start at 6:15


Great video and too bad it bugged out.  I'm still working out some bugs.  With that said, I released a new version that may fix that problem.  If you want give it a try and let me know how it went.

yea, ill check it out, i really liked the game, but the glitch prevented me to continue, but yea ill give it a try


You may also Email me at if the issue persists after you try the newest version. 

i will familia, thanks

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WHY... Do.. all the good games have to be on windows why not web sucks I'm not able to play this game 

I never really thought of making a webgame.  Maybe I'll do one next :)

will be interesting to see what a full game looks like! This demo was creepy but the object animation was unexpected and really cool! 

:)  thx for the post.  Very nice video and stay tuned because there is more coming.

this game is one of the best itchio horror games iv played so far it has great mechanics and scares and the animations are immersive the story is decent and the models are well done the atmosphere is creepy and there's no glitches (from what iv seen) and on top of all that it actually got me a couple times truly a great game if you want to see my full reaction to this game here it is 

if you watched be sure to like and consider subscribing (it helps me grow as a channel) and even if you just watched i appreciate the support 9/10 game  

Glad you liked the demo.  Don't go to far because the full release is in works.

cool little game, played it Live on my Stream. the scares are okay, i liked it that there werew Animations fpr the Tasks. but the Only thing i would appreciate, is not to Immobilize the player while the Character is Talking. 

i want to play the Full game ! please keep working on it!

greetings from Germany

Thank you for playing.  I will take your suggestion into consideration.  I may even add an option to turn that feature off in the final release.  

Cool little game. Of course, given my favorite styles are games with multiple endings, I’d ask for more endings, if anything. The atmosphere is creepy; the silence works well here. I enjoy the story elements to set it up. I’m also a big fan of adding little things — even those animations for your tasks — that keep the player engaged. I look forward to the full release. Great work 👍🏼


Thank you for playing.  Stay tuned because more is coming.

i really enjoyed this game the scares got me good

Nice video My friend.  Glad you enjoyed the demo.  :)

Really nice game. Alot of little spooks which is quite nice.

Thank you for playing.  Stay tuned for more.

I really enjoyed my time playing this! While it wasn't super scary (except for the jump scares) it was still a fun experience, and even felt a bit humorous at times (not in a bad way). Great work! 

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Thx for playing.  Great voice mod by the way lol.

Was really enjoyable! And for those who care, enjoy my let's play!

Nice video amigo :)

Your jump scares always get me hahaha. Full version is gonna clear up most of the problems I have with this, I think! It's a little too short and there's no real room for player agency!

Gameplay if you're interested: 

Thx for playing and great video.

Game's really interesting, though the entire game stopping just for some dialogue throws the immersion off. Other then that, nice job.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


Nice vid and thank you for playing.


🤟😁 thx for playing

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I had alot of fun playing this, It is pretty straight forward and the only issue I had was the queues at the end for the choice, I also could find out what the key was for but I managed to get both endings! great job!

Great video and thx for playing.  

Fun little demo! Can't wait for more updates. Even though I knew a jumpscare was coming, it still got me. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for playing. :)

I need to know whats in that shed. I know its gonna be some fucked up shit.


Ohh you will :)

I really liked this demo. It's got some great tension and atmosphere, got me scared good a few times, and getting both endings was a lot of fun.

Thx for playing.  Stay tuned for more.

Very interesting demo! So much so that I was genuinely disappointed when it ended. Only nitpick is probably the amount of text when interacting with things. But I LOVED the little FMV cutscenes and the scares were pretty genuine. I'd love to check out the project when it's finished!


Thx for playing.  :)

Great work on this my friend here's my gameplay.

Thx for playing.  :)

Sleep comfortably

Thx for playing.  Hope you enjoyed it.  :)

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Amazing horror game. Jumpscares and creepy moments on the right measure. Kudos!

thank you for trying my game and very glad you liked it. :)

Deleted 1 year ago

Thx for the feedback.  I will defenetly have that in mind for the full release.

Liked the game some good jump scares and decent plot have a video of my reaction here 

Haha, great vid. That ending will be explained on the full release.

Not sure if it happened to anybody else, but once I’ve finish cleaning the coffee my game froze. I could bring up the menu but couldn’t move at all.

Make sure you are playing v 0.1c. If so, Email me your system specs if possible to see If can see if I can replicate it. I will be releasing a new update with minor bug fixes soon as well.

Ok so I tried to install v0.1c, since I played on V0.1d, but itch won’t let me. I even installed the app to check if it was an issue of the website, but it didn’t helped. I can still see your files in your dev logs, but it’s impossible to download them … got any idea ? (sorry i’m really new to this so there’s maybe some tricks I don’t know).

Anyway I’m going to send you my specs. (and btw, the sound design of your game is amazing :)))

thx, I got the email and will try to see if I can replicate the bug.

Despite the issues I ran into, I think this demonstration was really great! I like the hidden objects that are likely for the full release of the game, and the fact that you are forced to focus on other things than the pending doom outside. It stresses you out and keeps you even more on edge! The graphics are great for the art-style, and the audio is good too, and well used. The "monster", or whatever that thing is, is not the most scary model in the world, but what really brings it to life is the erratic movements and aggressive audio ques, which all in all makes it pretty scary!

Therefor, I would gladly recommend this game, and I gladly rate it 5/5! Good work!



Great vid and glad you liked it.

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Great Game bu I filmed a version I DL'd before the update! lol Well done SGG!! I love your stuff!

Yeah old versions had some odd bugs that .01c fixed.  Glad you liked it. :)

Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, the pixelated visuals, sound effects and the little animations were great, one question: are there 2 endings in the demo? cause I got them but there is also something related to the key but when I pick it up near the end it doesn't open anything. also one thing is that the mouse sensitivity was fluctuating a bit when I playing, but over all I enjoyed it, good work :)


Loved Tender so I knew this would be good. I know it's a demo episode, but wish it was longer. Loved the atmosphere and mini story. Would of loved to see more creepiness and jump scare potential though when the game is fully released.

Great video and I'm glad you liked the demo.  Keep up the good work!

I can not seems to use clean the coffe

You need the sponge and sprayer

I have them. And I have tried both pressing E and R while crouched.

Hmm, I'll troubleshoot it and get back to you.

Thanks :)

Hey there, I tried several times and I just I can't replicate the issue you are having. Are you getting the interact hand?  If so then you hit "E".  I would recommend you download the game again because it could have been a bad download.  Make sure you are running version 0.1b.


Same issue for me. The hand pops up but doesn't do anything.

Deleted 1 year ago

I will be releasing a patch soon for this but for now do the following untill I get the patch uploaded.   Pick up the sprayer first and then the sponge.  The order you pick-up the items shouldn't matter in the future but there is a bug that's preventing the clean script to run if the sprayer isn't picked up first.

Patch 0.1c address this issue and is now released.

Good game! can't wait to sell the full version.

Glad you liked it. :)

How did you use the sponge?

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