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Amazing fresh def a new idea I have not seen on the sight.


Can you add the Demo?! BTW If this Full Game was "FREE"?!

How i can play the demo version so i can decide?

Hey! I just played the demo version and I gotta say it was pretty awesome. I see there is a full version out now so my opinions may not even be valid lol. I really enjoyed the game though! The atmosphere was awesome and it just felt good all around to play. It was a bit awkward how your character narrates everything they do but besides that I feel it's a great short horror experience. Thanks so much for making it! 

thx for playing

Tried out the demo!

thx for trying out the game


Could you please include the payment method via a credit card, or make the game free for just a few hours/a day? I don't have the ability to create a paypal account...

I love the atmosphere you made here! I thought the portraits were gonna come out and scare me lmaoooo! 

Hehe, I'm glad you like it.  The full version has some additional surprises on the portraits.  

oh no..... lol

He Thought i wasnt Gonna come outside After he scared me?? Tell him to fight me!! lol Great Game By Shatter Glass Games

Thank you for playing the demo and I hope you enjoyed it. 


Played this for a random horror games video and loved it! Very Intriguing story and some pretty tense moments. My only complaint is the game crashed while trying to get one of two endings. Other than that great job dev! I'll be following you for future projects 

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Awesome video. You just gained a new follower and thank you for playing :)

Also, thank you for bringing the ending 1 bug to my atention.  I will  attempt to duplicate it, and work on a fix asap.


I was able to duplicate the bug and patched it.  The patch version of the game will be uploaded soon. Thx again for bringing this up to my attention.

Thanks! And no problem, can't wait to check out the ending I missed 😀

pretty good so far. maybe telling the player how to crouch would be a good idea. I restarted the game because i thought something broke but i just needed to crouch.

Lol I saw that!  Also noticed the Main menu music didn't loop so I will be taking care of both issues.  Thx for playing.

I really liked it! It was a little bit rough around the edges but the overall I was hooked! Would love to see the full version of the game :) Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers!

Great video and thank you for playing

Not bad! I like what you're working with, and look forward to what you come up with in the final project! My final thoughts are at the end of the video

Thank you for trying the demo and thx for the feedback :)


Nice game

Thx for playing and nice vid :)

I loved how as soon as this game was going, I thought to my self "I'd hate to wake up randomly like this" Great little game, loved "Tender" and this is a great addition

Glad you liked it.  The full release is getting closed to be published.  Just needs a few more additions before I can upload it.

I played this game on my channel and really loved the art style! unfortunetly the game kept crashing but I can't wait till the full one is released! I will play it again to my 2k subs! 

Thx for playing and maybe come back for the full release? :)

Yeah definitley! Cant wait :) 

Knew instantly from the page layout that it'd be from you, "Tender" guys :) and that I'd love this game. I loved everything about the demo, except for the bugs. My first playthrough went very smooth, and thank goodness for that, because I managed to see one ending (confront). All-round great experience, I really enjoyed doing the little humdrum tasks while waiting for the storm to subside. On my second and third playthrough (trying to see the sleep ending), I got stuck first, when placing the mug in the sink. Couldn't back out anymore. Then, when cleaning the carpet. Got stuck before being able to scrub for the last time. I enjoyed being able to see the difference between opening / leaving the office door closed. I can't wait to play the final, stable build!

Full release is getting close.   Stay tuned.

Awesome! Can't wait!

Very cool demo indeed. Hope to play final version soon! Third game played. Subscribe please ! 

Thx for playing :)

I liked the idea for the game.  Some of the tasks were cool and I also managed to get jump scared a few times while playing too! 

Glad you liked it and thx for trying out the demo.



Thx for playing.  I will have this issue resolve by the full release.  I was able to discover what's triggering this bug for a minority of users.

Forgot I downloaded this game a few days ago but it was really fun to play, loved it

Glad you liked it.  The full release is coming soon so stay tuned.

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