Update v1.1.3a (A new escape choice)

ABDUCTED v1.1.3a

Patch Notes

Updates & Fixes:


  1. New escape zone was added.  The player now has two options of escaping the house (Main Door or Vehicle).
  2. The player spawnpoint was changed and the old spawnpoint is now a storage area.
  3. Pressing TAB while playing will bring up useful tips on the top left side of the screen.
  4. The player will now need to pickup a flashlight when he spawns.  In a future update the flashlight will require batters to function.


  1. Floating refrigerated items are now inside the kitchen refrigerator as intended.
    1. This bug was caused in the process of rearranging the kitchen furniture to make way for the new escape zone.


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97 days ago


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