Update V1.1.3c

ABDUCTED v1.1.3c

Patch Notes

Updates & Fixes:


  1. The car will now requiere Gasoline before it can be started.  This means the player will need to find all 4 tires, Gasoline , and the car keys before he can escape on it.
  2.  The ignition keyhole in the car was replaced and it lights up when you are able to start the car.
  3. Added a new item to the game that the player can manipulate.  It can make noice and attract the butcher to it's location so the player may use it to his/her advantage.
    1. This particular item may or may not be used in the future for puzzle solving.


  1. The world light and flash flashlight made some items have 2 shadows.  This issue is now resolved.


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95 days ago


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